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Top 10 Date Ideas

1. New to finding a Lover & Confidant? Then book me for a coffee date or a couple of hours over lunch. A great way to experience something you may have been missing for years - flirting (no touch)  and be pre-warned - you will feel hard the whole time.

2. Sensory Pleasures - Let's go to bed with silk ties, feathers, hot tea & ice. Flip a coin to see who gets the beautiful pleasure of having to wait while the other teases.

3. The Collar - this might sound scary, but it is not. Let me put a collar on your neck, an opportunity to let go of your control and be the pet that pleases me the way I gently ask you. No rough play, just playful attitudes.

4. The Pick-up - Book me for the afternoon or evening, where I will meet you at the hotel bar, chat you up and invite you back to my room. A sublime, flirty experience, especially if you are into the idea of a mature, confident corporate women (I dress for the part) to pick you up.

5. A long, hot shower with me...need I say more?

6. Cuddling only - I offer a cuddle-only session. An incredibly intimate, loving experience for introverted men who are shy or experiencing loneliness. Let me lay down with you, hold you, stroke your hair. ***Special discounted rates apply***

7. Massage me. Yep, you can pay for any masseuse to massage you but massaging me - this is an incredibly intimate experience for us to share. The longer and slower time you take with me builds up to something that every client I have shared myself with books again.

8. Undressing each other - I request you wear a suit and tie with plenty of layers. I also wear a dress with plenty of lingerie and stockings underneath. The challenge is to undress each other for the first hour - no touching the apparent places (this is hard even for me.)

I usually suggest a massage to follow.

9. Role play - have you ever wanted to do what I do? Then let me be the lonely housewife who has booked you and awaits you in the hotel room. Note: yes, you do have to pay for my time.

10. The Graduate - are you a younger man wanting to explore what it is like with an older woman? Let me be your Mrs Robinson and show you.

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