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Investment & Availability

Let's keep this simple...
My company is an investment in your mental and physical health. I have seen the benefits of convenient affection and the devastation of loveless relationships & what loneliness can do.
I am not interested in wham-bam dynamics nor do I desire to see multiple lovers in one day.
Like you, I am selective and prefer longer engagements to get to know each other rather than fleeting moments.

I do not have a tasteless to-do list, as anyone can be provocative, but not everyone can be sensual.
You may want to start with a coffee date, or if you can't wait, book me with a date, time, how long and as much detail you feel to share.

It is my business to be your pleasure.

*** I AM NEVER AVAILABLE SAME DAY AND DO NOT ANSWER PRIVATE NUMBERS OR "HI BABE" TEXT MESSAGES. NOR DO I ENGAGE IN SENDING PHOTOS OF MYSELF. All bookings require a deposit of $300 NO EXCEPTIONS. Please read my deposit policy before booking***
Flying me to you is an option; please email me for details.

My Time with You...

When I am in Hobart

$700 per hour incall/outcall

$1200 2 hours incall/outcall

Every Hour after $600

$400 per hour for social dates (no touch, just flirting.)

Any other state in Australia

***Add an extra $100 on any hour when on tour***

***Includes Luxury Hotel In-call***


Booking Policy:- Unfortunately I have had a booking that was a no-show which is disapppointing.

Therefore, I kindly ask for a deposit of $300 to secure our time together.

Please note:-  that this is non-refundable with only except if cancellation is made 48 hours before we meet.


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