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About me...

Hello, I am Miss Ellis and I am here for you.

We live in a complicated world, so let's make ours simple...

I am an intuitive empath by nature & extremely sensitive to touch. 

My youthful looks disguise my greatest asset: my years of inherited wisdom of a Mature, Sexy Woman who knows what she likes and wants to share it with you. 

I love to listen and spoil. Be slowly undressed, massaged, pleasured and touched. 

I am not into being fake, robotic or looking for a super stud type lover. I want to meet gentlemen I connect with who want to feel appreciated, desired and create something money cannot buy - Chemistry.

Personal Attributes...

I have a charming, all-natural, down-to-earth personality. Comfortable in jeans and a T-shirt, or my little black dress that shows my mile-high legs. I am 100% discreet, an excellent listener & have a penchant to make each meeting memorable. 

My features are considered to be the classical brunette beauty with long chocolate brown hair, blue eyes, high cheekbones and full lips. Physically I am all legs standing at 5'9ft with a toned dancer's body, beautiful arms, natural C-cup breasts & no tattoos. I am also told that I have the softest skin and smell amazing. I do not smoke, partake in partying and rarely drink. 

corset 1.jpg
My Likes...

To be my authentic self & your True Girlfriend Experience.

A jack of all trades but a master of none, I relish my capacity to give most things a go. I am constantly improving my knowledge through study or activities. My current passions are digital photography and ballet, plus I have recently become a prevalent Life Drawing model for artists throughout Australia.

Passionate about the Earth, I will always invest in classical clothing and lingerie however, I do not follow the fast fashion route nor need designer bags to feel fulfilled.

I am single by choice, a hopeless romantic at heart and melt with gentlemen whose love language is to be passionate and satisfy a woman first.

I also sincerely appreciate the old fashion values like opening a door, being straightforward and thoughtfulness like gift giving as buying gifts for myself falls flat. Note:- no preferential treatment is given to those who do; it is just something I needed to say.

Finally, my desire and why I am here is to meet/connect with gentlemen of all ages, personalities & disabilities. I believe everyone needs to be heard, held, touched & dare I say - Loved...

About you...

You have been looking for me...

You are just yearning; after years of being committed to your job, a relationship or maybe even goals, there is still something you are missing.

A longing to feel free, be heard, held and touched differently. This is your time to be slightly selfish, to indulge and be satisfied without complications or hurting anyone.

You are respectful, affectionate, clean and generous.

You appreciate a confident woman like myself whom, over time, you can rely on to establish a physical/mental connection and rapport with. You value the privacy I offer and can see how this discreet investment benefits your life and those around you.

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